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Wool T-shirts

Wool tops for women - a comfortable and soft wool top is always right. Whether you use it in a sports context or for everyday use, a wool top will be the alpha and omega to keep warm and not least keep you dry. Here you will find all our comfortable wool tops made in the most delicious wool combinations and most of them in 100% merino wool. The tops do not itch and are good to wear deep inside the body. Wool has unique properties, including odor-inhibiting, self-cleaning and moisture-absorbing. This makes a thin wool top the perfect wool garment to wear deep inside the body when you are out for a walk, exercising or just have a hectic everyday life. WoolLand has wool tops in several nice designs, many with a higher neck and zip-up which makes the wool top easy to combine in several outfits and uses. Invest in a really good wool top from WoolLand, you will hardly regret it!