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Wool trousers and wool tights for women - a comfortable wool trousers can be used for sports, relaxation and everyday garnment. Here you will find a large selection of comfortable wool trousers and wool tights for women, and whether you are looking for a thin wool trousers to relax in, a thick wool trousers to sit in the cabin wall with, a soft wool tights to train in or a great wool jeans for everyday then you will find it here. Staying good and warm is important, especially when living in a country like Norway where temperatures are as unpredictable as the weather. A good wool trousers ensure that you keep warm all day and with WoolLand's unique wool jeans you look smashing in the same sling. With the great wool jeans, you get a warm wool trousers designed as a pair of jeans with an elastic and extra durable wool blend that gives extra hold and durability. You can use the nice and useful wool tights both when you exercise and for everyday, soft and warm at the same time as they look great regardless of whether you are hiking in the mountains or enjoying yourself at home. Some of the wool tights have exciting details such as cord and imitation leather which means that the wool trousers can definitely become a favorite in the office as well. No need to freeze when you can wear wool trousers from WoolLand!