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Women's wool clothing - the wool garments you can wear all year, not least the perfect autumn and winter clothes. Here you will find all women's wool clothing, a large selection of wool jumpers, wool tops, knitted jumpers, wool underwear,  jackets, wool trousers, wool pyjamas, vests and ski wear. Wool has great properties, among other things it is odor-resistant and self-cleaning, in addition to naturally helping you keep warm. No matter what type of woolen clothing you are looking for, WoolLand has a solid selection of women's woolen clothing that will certainly help you keep warm. WoolLand combines the good wool qualities with great design, which gives you the opportunity to use the great wool clothes in many occasions. In winter, we recommend wearing wool on the inside against the body and preferably in several layers. The woolen clothes from WoolLand can be used for all seasons, maybe a soft and warm woolen sweater is what you need for a late summer evening, and how lovely it is not to put on woolen underwear when you are relaxing on the sofa at home or in the cabin. We guarantee that you will look great in wool clothes from WoolLand!