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Women's accessories - if you need a good woolen hat, some lovely woolen socks, a practical woolen headband, some soft woolen mittens, a large woolen scarf, a comfortable woolen balaclava or a warm woolen neckerchief, you will find it here. Our large category of accessories made of wool products is only growing and growing and you will find most of what you need here to make hiking or everyday enjoyment optimal. Remember that by choosing products in wool from WoolLand, you are guaranteed soft, warm and itch-free garments that you can use in all seasons of the year. Wool has the unique properties of being odour-resistant, self-cleaning and moisture absorbent. Therefore, you stay warm regardless of whether you get sweaty or wet and, not least, you don't have to wash the clothes as often as with other materials, you can hang them out to air, and they clean themselves. Quite clever, we think!