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Knitted Sweaters

Knitted sweater for women - you will always need a good wool sweater. Here you will find all soft and warm wool sweaters for women from WoolLand, and regardless of whether you are looking for a thick wool sweater or a thin wool sweater, you will find it here. A good knit sweater has so many uses, you can use it to keep warm when you are out for a walk, in the middle of winter a good wool sweater is a must to keep warm throughout the day and in spring and summer a soft knit sweater is just what you need over the summer dress. A knitted wool sweater can follow you through almost a lifetime if you take good care of it. Both a thin knit sweater and a thick knit sweater from WoolLand are made of 100% merino wool. A wool sweater in Merino wool does not itch, and the wool has fantastic properties such as that it can retain up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, while it is still dry to the touch and breathable. This means that with a knit sweater in merino wool you will always feel dry and warm, even when you exercise and get sweaty. It's pretty cool to think about, we definitely recommend investing in a good wool sweater from WoolLand!